LoadBalancer Revision History
Version Change Comment
2.0.11 * DRM Lite supported (drmToken and ut query parameter will be checked against the geoprotection)
2.0.10 * external geo requests
* new web.config params "geocheck_log_requests" , "geocheck_publishingpoint" and "geocheck_referrer"
2.0.9 * wowza 4 session compatibility (_w1234 as well as query parameter wowzasessionid)
* cupertino tunnel chunks function was removed as it is no longer needed
* wowzalock_directory_publishingpoint can now be set in the web.config
* Reverse Proxy Compatibility - f.e. MS ARR can hand over the CUser.getClientIP and CUser.getUserAgent through specific http headers. These two header names can be configured in web.config "arr_http_header_for_client_ip" and "arr_http_header_for_useragent"
* enforcesessionid switch for cupertino HLS streaming in publishingpoint*.xml
* "dash" protocol added for VoD
* smil support added
* "pd" protocol added for progressive download redirection (yet without token)
* Log File Class optimized for bufferred I/O
* LoadBalancer sessions will be generated via the lbs query parameter (the parameter name can be specified under web.config "lbs_name")
2.0.8 * [LOCALSTREAMINGSERVER] can now be used in protocol config. It only uses the local server as specified in webconfig when it is not locked
* VoD SanJose Redirect to external CDN
* Url Config can now look like this
<sanjose><streamurl type='' f4m_mask='f4m_rtmp_mask_vod.xml' >http://...</streamurl></sanjose>
2.0.7 * Hotfix to enforce the Content-Length header during tunneling
* Feature accept Byte Ranges during tunneling
process_wowza_chunk_default - DeliverContent function
* server type="com" in CStreamingServer
2.0.6 * Hotfix to enforce the Content-Length header during tunneling
* Feature accept Byte Ranges during tunneling
* Hotfix for Cupertino HLS Tunneling
It was reported that randomly HLS clips could not be played.  The problem could be verified when a certain PublishingPoint was configured to tunnel Cupertino HLS sessions. This behaviour was caused by a fault in the URL encryption.
CHandlerCupertino.CCupertinoTSChunk - url property
2.0.5 * Avoid multiple iOS cupertino connections
This feature is used to avoid multiple playlist connections on WOWZA streaming server established by iOS devices.
CHandlerCupertino.CreateContentOutput modified to handle 2 Byte Range Requests for Playlists
In that case the LoadBalancer does not open a connection to the streaming server.

* cupertino tunnel
Some iOS Apps perform a client side playlist transformation and therefore cause server session timeout issues.
To avoid this problem a special session handler was needed to handle long term requests,
Attribute to enable/disable the tunnel for a publishingpoint*.xml is use_tunnel="true".
New objects to handle tunnel requests
CWowzaSessionID, CCupertinoTSChunk, CCupertinoPlaylist_wowza, CCupertinoPlaylist_loadbalancer, CCupertinoPlaylist_tunnel_chunks
2.0.4 * url_add_ipua, url_add_publishingpoint, url_add_origin moved to baseclass

* CHandlerSmoothStreaming.CreateContentOutput
   change added url, ip and publishingpoint in manifest file.
   catch for empty playlist returned